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Grand Master Mantak Chia was born in Thailand in 1944 to Chinese parents. He began his meditation lessons with Buddhist monks at the age of 6. He received his formal training in Hong Kong, where he was introduced to Tai Chi Chuan, Kundalini Yoga and Aikido by various masters. Later, he travelled throughout Southeast Asia, learning secret Shaolin techniques and how to use inner power from Taoist and Buddhist teachers.

However, his main teacher was the Taoist master Yi Eng, who also authorised him to teach Taoist energy teachings.

He is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao© system. Secret ancient knowledge was made accessible to the West for the first time through him. Today, more than a thousand teachers trained by him teach Universal Healing Tao© worldwide. After twenty years in the West, Mantak Chia has been living in Thailand again since 1994 and has created a unique seminar and health centre there, the "Tao Garden" near Chiang Mai. On the 80,000 m² premises, the many aspects of the Tao are implemented at a high level of quality. Healthy nutrition according to the Chinese 5-element teachings is a prerequisite and is achieved through home-grown food according to organic principles. The accompanying purification of body and soul is enhanced by a variety of physical exercises and special massage techniques. The Tao Garden Clinic provides the medical part of this wonderful place with Chinese doctors and various methods of purification and convalescence.

His teaching is now known worldwide and is finding more and more followers.

The Tao Master has been teaching regularly in Germany since 1985 and is one of the most successful teachers. His 223 books and writings have been published by over 50 publishing houses worldwide.

In June 1990, Grand Master Mantak Chia was honoured as Qi Gong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong.

In 1994 Mantak Chia left the USA and returned to his home country Thailand. He founded his training centre, the Tao Garden and theUniversal Healing Tao centre 20 km north of Chiang Mai.

In December 2000, the Tao Garden Health Resort and Universal Tao Training Center was completed with various meditation halls, two open Tai Chi pavilions, closed training rooms for Tai Chi, Tao Yin and Chi Nei Tsang, a large pool, the Pakua Integrative Medical Clinic Center, a gym with treadmills and exercise equipment, and eight playing fields for basketball, tennis, handball, table tennis, etc.

In February 2002, Grand Master Chia began teaching the higher practices of Immortality Tao in the Tao Garden teachings. For the first time he used a darkroom retreat, converting an entire building so that larger groups could retreat in complete darkness for several weeks. Since then, interested people and teachers have had the opportunity UHT Since then it has been possible for interested people and teachers to use this unique laboratory of consciousness in the annual DarkroomRetreats.

In September 2003 Grand Master Chia opened the Tao Garden Holistic Medical Spa. Here Eastern and Western methods are synergised with Traditional Thai Massage, Indian Aveda Therapies and Chinese Chi Nei Tsang Massage. The spa is run by specially trained doctors, therapists with medical training offer colon cleansing (Hydro Colonic Therapy), stem cell therapies and cancer treatment methods.

From March 2004, the Tao Gardenoffers the comprehensive holistic mind-body-spirit synergy training (Complete Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Training).

In July 2009, Grand Master Chia opened the newly built Five Star Eight Forces Detox Spa with saunas, Therapy Color Heated Pool, Jacuzzi, and Internal Massage treatments. Complementary raw food and fasting programmes were offered and a natural fruit juice bar was opened.

In September 2010, more than 100 UHT Instructors from all over the world and numerous guests celebrated the 30th anniversary of Grand Master Chia's Universal Healing Tao© system with a Tao Congress in the Tao Garden.

At the 14th World Congress of Qigong and TCM in Toronto, Canada, in May, Mantak Chia was again named Qigong Master of the Year 2012.

In April 2012 the 'Universal Healing Tao Foundation' and the Council of Nine was founded in Berlin.

At the 14th World Congress on Qigong and TCM in May in Toronto, Canada, Mantak Chia was elected Qigong Master of the Year 2012.

Grand Master Chia was one of 21 senior grandmasters, masters and world-renowned researchers from six countries who refereed at the congress. This made the Congress in 2012 to one of the world's most important events for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine this year.