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Dynamic FUSION of the 5 Elements

The shamanic dance was developed by Chinese healers about 5000 years ago and was later further developed by Taoist monks into the Bagua Zhang (Pakua Palm) form. In this shamanistic practice, false conditioning from childhood and socialisation can be discharged and thus dissolved. To achieve this, the adepts had to learn to sense these conditionings from within and to transform them through chi summoned in the form. In doing so, the monks realised that there were different energies that rose from the centre of each person. Each of these energies served a specific purpose, which determines our emotions, thoughts, movements and the interaction of the self. Emotions are meant to protect humans and teach them not only to feel themselves, but also to interact with the complex existence of life.

The main movements of Bagua Zhang are performed with the joints & tendons. This makes the muscles elastic and loose, the body finer in its mobility. One practices in 8 cardinal directions, taking into account the sky and the earth. One develops a sense for the 8 directions in the practice and thus develops a deep physical-spiritual balance. If the nervous system is activated & blockages are dissolved in Tai Chi, then the blood and the Chi in the body can circulate more freely, among other things, the blood circulates more easily in our body. Health & pure heart strength become noticeable within & without.

In order to achieve self-healing, these energies must be recognised as thoughts, emotions and movements connected to us. The Bagua Zhang was the ideal safe vehicle for seekers to realise these profound teachings. If one succeeds in transforming the burdening emotions, virtuous emotions become free to unite and develop compassion. Practitioners develop more skill, motivation and positive intentions to intervene in their lives. The meditative equivalent of the dynamic Bagua Zhang could be seen as the FUSION of the 5 Elements.